Chris Roy has worked at Orange County Farm Supply from 1979 until present. He started young growing radishes, then blackberries and raspberries.Now he’s moved on to Cycads, Orchids, Epies, Plumeria’s and Palms. Chris said, “I love digging up weeds. I feed Scrubjays, Squirrels, and Hummingbirds. I garden by lunar cycles and dread Santa Ana winds.”

Seriously, if you have any kind of garden, bird, or rodent question, Chris is an expert and has all the answers you may need! Come say hi to Chris next time you’re in!

See what Chris has to say this month:


May is all about flowers, right?
Finally we brought a new fertilizer just for Bougainvilleas (6-8-10) and another one just for Hibiscus (12-6-8). The company is called BGI (Bougainvillea Growers International). The 6-8-10 is called Bougain and is available in a two-pound bag for $14.21 and also a ten-pound bag $29.99. It is a Powerful Bloom Booster and has the full complement of trace elements like Mg, Cu, B Fe, Mn, and Zinc. The 12-6-8 is called Hibisgain and is available in a two-pound bag and is also $14.21 and 10-pounds for $23.99 it promotes big, bold blooms and has the same complement of trace elements.

Come on in and get them soon while the bloom season lasts!