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All of our local area trees are under stress due to continuing drought, which makes them easy prey to

the opportunistic polyphagous beetle. They have been here for about five years and are estimated to

have a population in Orange County of about one trillion. They are found in 340 different types of trees

and are said to be in 70 percent of all of the trees in our area, from a lesser extent to a moderate extent

and even severe extent. The five most effected trees are Sycamores, Liquid Ambers, Box Elders, Live

Oaks, and Avocado trees.


The beetles hurt the trees in two ways: by severing the vascular system of trees (xylem, cambium,

phloem), and by fungal infection of transporting (vectoring) fusarium and graphium.

We supply systemic and injectable insecticides to kill these pests that so far have no natural enemies.

Please promote the health of your trees by vertical mulching (ask us how) and by deep watering.

Thank you.


-Chris Roy