Chris Roy has worked at Orange County Farm Supply from 1979 until present. He started young growing radishes, then blackberries and raspberries.Now he’s moved on to Cycads, Orchids, Epies, Plumeria’s and Palms. Chris said, “I love digging up weeds. I feed Scrubjays, Squirrels, and Hummingbirds. I garden by lunar cycles and dread Santa Ana winds.”

Seriously, if you have any kind of garden, bird, or rodent question, Chris is an expert and has all the answers you may need! Come say hi to Chris next time you’re in!

See what Chris has to say this month:


Recently I tried a product that we have stocked now for almost one year.  That product is called “Myco Chum”, a new product from the company “Plant Success”.  Plant Success is our major supplier of mycorrhizae inoculants.

Myco chum is a premium microbe food and plant food containing a perfect blend of molasses, fish hydrolysate, liquid kelp and humic acids.  Use myco chum from start to finish to optimize results.  The formula has an analysis of 1-0-3.  Feed lightly @ 5 ml. per gallon, moderate @ 10 ml. per gallon, or heavy @ 15 ml. per gallon H20.  (15 ml = one teaspoon).  A pint is only $9.99, or the quart is $18.99.

To my amazement, I saw significant results in 24 hours on chili peppers, blueberries, blackberries, and lobelias that were all recently transplanted.  The flushing of new dark green growth was immediate.  I can’t wait to try this product on my plumerias in April.

Thank you Tim Eagan from Plant Success!