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May is all about flowers, right?

Finally we brought a new fertilizer just for Bougainvilleas (12-6-8) and another one just for Hibiscus (12-6-8). The company is called BGI (Bougainvillea Growers International). The 6-8-10 is called Bougain and is available in a two-pound bag for $14.21 and also a ten-pound bag $29.99. It is a Powerful Bloom Booster and has the full complement of trace elements like Mg, Cu, B Fe, Mn, and Zinc. The 12-6-8 is called Hibisgain and is available in a two-pound bag and is also $14.21 and 10-pounds for $23.99. It promotes big, bold blooms and has the same complement of trace elements.

Come on in and get them soon while the bloom season lasts!

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