Passion on Plumerias

plumeria chris

Plumeria season is now upon us! April 1st marks the date that I begin all my plumeria potting, fertilizing, and preaching. However, it is not too late to pot any cuttings you may get from friends, shows, or stores. Come by and get your soils ready! Pick up a few great ingredients to make a super soil for your plumerias. Start with 50% PUMICE and add in 25% TURF-N-TEE and 25% BIG R REDWOOD.

We are well stocked on the 2 oz. and 5 lb. GrowMore Rooting Hormone so that everyone can dip their plumeria cuttings this season.

Also, don’t forget to grab some of our most popular fertilizers for the upcoming season:

  • Best 6-24-24 XB
  • Growmore 10-52-10
  • SeaGrow 4-26-26 with Seaweed Extract.

And the ever popular…

  • Hawaiian Bud & Bloom 5-50-17

All my plumeria activities start April 1st and go through October 31st

-Chris Roy

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