Feburary Employee Recommendations


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It’s time to get growing. February is a perfect month to start prepping, re-amending and readjusting the pH level in your soil, and the correct pH level is key to a successful garden every year. Essentially, your soil should be slightly acid or neutral. A pH level between 6.0-6.5 would be a picture-perfect pH level.

You are probably thinking, how can I find out the pH level in my soil? Well, lucky for you, we sell these pH kits here at the store, and they are super simple to use and cheap to buy. Each kit costs $6.29, plus tax, and can be used for up to ten tests. Once you determine the pH level in your soil, then you can start to adjust accordingly. Most soil is slightly alkaline. A pH level of 7 and above is very common because most people irrigate with city water and most city water is high in alkalinity; therefore, your soil becomes high in alkaline. So just by correcting your pH in your soil you begin to unlock and make all your nutrients available for your plants and trees to uptake.

One product that we highly is granulated gypsum to help acidify your soil. It comes in a 50-pound bag that covers 2,500 sq. ft. and costs $14.99, plus tax. It consists of 23.28% calcium and 18.62% sulfur. We recommend applying this granulated gypsum everywhere you are growing anything. It could be applied on established lawns, trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, vegetable or herb gardens. Any question or comments, feel free to contact us.

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