March Employee Recommendations


Spring is the season to start growing again! Revitalize your soil organically with our amendments to replace lost nutrients. Volcanic rock dust adds calcium, magnesium, iron, and sodium. Gypsum adds calcium and sulfur, and breaks up hard clay soils. Kelp meal is a great organic source of potassium. Earthworm castings contain valuable micronutrients and stable organic matter. A super easy container mix I have used is ⅔ Malibu’s Biodyanamic Compost and ⅓ perlite – a well-drained, extremely rich soil from only two things. For those that want something even easier, we have Remix from Green as It Gets – just add the bag to your dirt. Amend and Gromulch from Kellogg are on sale, buy three get one free – these are great soil amendments for replacing used nitrogen. And the microbes that feed the plants, mycorrhizae, are always a welcome boost.

Feed the plants that will feed you!


     John and Bob’s soil optimizer, which is OMRI listed, consists of decomposed humus.  Humus is a food source for both plants and micro-organisms that increases plant production.  The humic acid along with the calcium and iron nutrients help balance and improve clay soil.  Tomatoes love it because of the calcium, which they need to thrive.  We carry John and Bob’s soil optimizer in 3, 6, 12 and 42-pound bags. 

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