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Orange County Farm Supply has been dedicated to meeting the needs of organic gardeners for over 65 years. Our Natural & Organic Fertilizers, Soil Amendments, and Organic Garden Sprays are made from pure and natural and ingredients without any added chemicals that can pollute our homes and drinking water.


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OC Farm Supply

OC Farm Supply is a locally owned family business that supplies a wide range of organic products including:  soil amendments, organic fertilizers, seeds, mulches, compost, potting soils, garden supplements and a wide variety of garden tools and bedding plants.


Organic Gardening

Everything you need to know is within your reach at Orange County Farm Supply.  Growers have trusted us for over six decades to provide them with all of the answers they need to get the landscaping results and crop yields they’ve come to expect.


Seed, Tools, & Irrigation                               

Need help with a landscaping or organic gardening project?  Our experienced staff has great ideas, tips, tricks and all the answers you need to grow your own lush gardens with the organic & natural products that we carry and how to use them.  All you have to do is ask!

Meet Our Team

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