Chris Roy has worked at Orange County Farm Supply from 1979 until present. He started young growing radishes, then blackberries and raspberries.Now he’s moved on to Cycads, Orchids, Epies, Plumeria’s and Palms. Chris said, “I love digging up weeds. I feed Scrubjays, Squirrels, and Hummingbirds. I garden by lunar cycles and dread Santa Ana winds.”

Seriously, if you have any kind of garden, bird, or rodent question, Chris is an expert and has all the answers you may need! Come say hi to Chris next time you’re in!

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Chris’ Corner


Summer is here!!! Most of May was very grey, and so far June has had its share of gloom. As a result, we have some powdery mildew issues, along with some rust funguses on our plant materials. Roses have been hit especially hard.
We stock a new product called EM-1. It is a soil drench bacterial inoculant. There are two groups of inoculants; one bacterial and the other would be mycorrhizal array of funguses. EM-1 is a bacteria called lactobacillus casei. Mycorrhizae and EM-1 can both work together and colonize root systems and rhizosperes. The roses then can fight off the funguses, all from being inoculated. A quart makes 32 gallons (1oz/gal) and is priced at $32.39, and is made by Teraganix. Just drench about a ½-gallon to one-gallon H20 per each rose or any other plant with the solution, then watch the bad funguses go away!

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