Natural Weed Control

The chemical gardener uses soil simply as a means of anchoring plant roots and of holding artificial fertilizers to provide plant nutrients.

This approach seems to have good results, but only in the short term. In the long term, it has disastrous consequences. Because organic matter is not replaced, the soil organisms die out. Without them the soil structure breaks down and the soil becomes hard, airless and unproductive.

Attempts at “force feeding” plants result in soft, sappy growth, which is prone to attack by a host of pests and diseases. When a plant is forced to grow with a chemical it becomes weak.

The same is true for insects. They prefer weak soft growth. In order to control insects, chemical pesticides are often used with short term success. But, in killing the pests, pesticides also kill their natural predators. Eventually, the problem gets worse. Stronger and more poisonous pesticides have to be resorted to, and so it goes on. It is a vicious cycle that, once started, is difficult to break.

OC Farm Supply will help you learn how to control those insects naturally without the harmful side effects of chemical products.

This is our philosophy & contribution to all gardeners, farmers, growers and our environment.