Are you mulching?

Better idea than sliced bread!


Are you mulching?


Why: Mulch is amazing to conserve the moisture and improve the health and fertility of your soil. It can moderate your soil temperature; helping your soil stay warm on cool nights and cooler in the heat of the sun. Mulch also suppresses weeds!  Lawn maintenance mulches during the summer can help protect trees and shrubs from the physical damage of lawn equipment.

No matter what the use, mulching is the best idea for your lawn and garden care.


When: Mulch needs to be replenished, as it does start to decompose.

The best time to apply mulch for existing plants is early spring, as the weeds have not yet started to spring up,

but your plants are starting their growth cycle.

For new plants, it is best to apply right after planting.

How: Their are many different forms of mulch! You can make your own organic mulch, recycle old materials into a mulch or buy some from a store! The mulch you need and the amount depends on the area and size your working with. It is easy to look up how to make your own mulch and the amounts you need, but if you want to skip that step, then we’ve supplied your specifications with our G&B Soil Building Conditioner:


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