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Summer is here!!! Most of May was very grey, and so far June has had its share of gloom. As a result, we have some powdery mildew issues, along with some rust funguses on our plant materials. Roses have been hit especially hard.

We stock a new product called EM-1. It is a soil drench bacterial inoculant. There are two groups of inoculants; one bacterial and the other would be mycorrhizal array of funguses. EM-1 is a bacteria called lactobacillus casei. Mycorrhizae and EM-1 can both work together and colonize root systems and rhizosperes. The roses then can fight off the funguses, all from being inoculated. A quart makes 32 gallons (1oz/gal) and is priced at $32.39, and is made by Teraganix. Just drench about a ½-gallon to one-gallon H20 per each rose or any other plant with the solution, then watch the bad funguses go away!

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