December Employee Recommendations



Conquer/Tempo – As we move into the rain season (ideally), various pests and insects seek shelter from the rain.  Rather than letting a colony of ants make your bathroom their new home, spray with either Conquer or Tempo.  This pre-emptive treatment with Conquer will last for three months indoors, while Tempo lasts for six months indoors.  Both products are odorless and are pet safe once they are dry.


Cloud Cover – The Christmas holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year.  Any home with a Christmas tree or wreath should not be without Cloud Cover.  Cloud Cover helps protect your house by reducing fire hazards on your tree and helps retain that fresh green color.  It even helps reduce needles dropping off the tree, making post-holiday cleanup that much easier.


Frost Blanket – Even in Southern California winter can be a little tough on plants.  Keep an eye on the news for the weatherman to announce the first frost.  This should be early to mid-December.   Until the last frost in January, it would be ideal to cover up flower beds and veggie gardens at night to protect them.  We have Frost Blankets available in 12’ x 10’ sheets.


Wishing all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!



For new plants or existing plants, use pumice (which is volcanic rock).  For new plants, dig the hole and put pumice in the bottom of the hole.  Put the plants on top of the pumice and backfill your soil.  Then add some more pumice with the soil.  For existing plants, auger as many holes in the soil as you want.  Add pumice in the holes.  Add G & B Harvest Supreme as a mulch on top of pumice.  It contains 15% chicken manure and mycorrhizae, which is ideal for vegetables and flowers.

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