June’s Common Q&A

JUNE 2018

Q. Do you carry burlap or other large bags?
A. We carry small poly bags, the size used in sandbag flood control.

Q. I found a small bird that fell out of nest would like your opinion on how to help it
A. I would give it water, perhaps with a syringe or a dropper. More would depend on situation specifics, e.g., is it wild or a pet, is it a rare or endangered species, etc. Good luck!

Q. Do you carry gardening containers or beds?
A. We do not carry beds. We do carry containers, in 1,2,3,5,7,10,15,20, 25, and 45 gallon sizes.

Q. I am interested in purchasing a couple of the Catchy Cans. I noticed someone posted on facebook that they had purchased it at ocfarms supply. Do you have them in stock? If so, how much are they? Do you ship?
A. Yes, we have them! They are $48.99 each as of June 2018.

Q. I am unsure if you carry this product as I’m unable to find it anywhere. The product I’m searching for is Blonde course Canadian sphagnum peat moss. It seems to be available only to professionals in the nursery/horticulture industry. Would you be able to order a 3.8cuft bale that I can pick up? If not, can you refer me to somewhere I can purchase some. Thanks for any help.
A. Yes, we have it! $24.99 for a 3.8 cubic foot bale as of June 2018.

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