Tick and Mosquito Dangers!

Our friends over at The Tick and Mosquito Project have amazing tips about how to stay safe from mosquitos and ticks this summer! With the heat as it is, the ticks are being pesky little buggers! Check out these sites and make sure you’re playing it with your adventures safe this summer!

Photo: http://control-mosquitoes.com/how-to-check-for-ticks/

The Tick and Mosquito Project, focuses on providing content that is useful for preventing fighting ticks and mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry. You can find it here ( http://control-mosquitoes.com). With the spread of Lyme Disease, Zika, Powassan Virus, and other tick and mosquito-transmitted diseases, we think this work is now more important than ever. We are passionate about our work, and organizations such as MSN, Reader’s Digest, Wild Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, and eHow have used us as resources for their articles. We cover everything from what to look for in a mosquito repellent to maps showing the ranges of specific ticks and mosquitoes.

How to Check for Ticks: A 4-Step Process. http://control-mosquitoes.com/how-to-check-for-ticks/
5 Ways to Mosquito Proof a Yard. http://control-mosquitoes.com/5-ways-to-control-mosquitoes-in-your-yard/
What to Look for in Tick Repellents. http://control-mosquitoes.com/best-tick-repellents/
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