Vegetable Garden Shopping List

Aside from plants there is a near endless combination of amendments that you can use to beef up the soil for your vegetables and fruits this planting season. Below we have compiled a list of products for you to consider using in your backyard.

First off, organic fertilizer. Composts are great but fertilizer can provide much more nutrient value than a compost usually will. This is even more important when planting plants that consume more nutrients like tomatoes and peppers. Brands that we like to use are Down to Earth, Gardener & Bloome, and Dr Earth.

Next, compost! If your garden soil level has dropped and you are need of refilling your beds, try composts. My personal favorite is Malibu Compost. The complexity of this compost is crazy. The Malibu company is not only obsessed with providing the very best organic ingredients but they promote an organic probiotic style of gardening. This means they are utilizing as many of the beneficial microbes as they can. Mycorrhizae is only the most basic beneficial bacteria to Malibu.

Gypsum! For tilling into the soil, we prefer the powdered gypsum. Gypsum is great for more than one reason. 1) It helps to control the pH in most local gardens which tends to be a little too high. 2) Gypsum leaches out salts from soils. Sometimes soils can contain too many salts and this can stop a plant from taking up nutrients which is definitely detrimental. 3) The final reason we love gypsum is that it contributes calcium to your soil which helps to prevent blossom end rot on various plants, most notable being tomatoes.

Rock dust is a great addition to any garden. Azomite or a volcanic rock dust can contribute plenty to any garden. It provides tons of micro-nutrients for plants to work with. Sometimes standard fertilizers and composts just don’t cut it. We throw in the rock dust to make sure that all of our bases are covered.

Lastly and probably the most basic addition. Pumice. This white rock is mined from a mountain and is designed to proved drainage for your plants. Many soils contain perlite for this very reason but perlite is notorious for breaking down quickly in soils since it is easily crushed. Pumice takes much longer to disappear and is sold in more manageable quantities. Allowing your roots to breathe and water to permeate through your soil is key to a gardening success story.

Call us today for prices or further questions!!! We are more than happy to help transform any garden into a paradise.

-Brian Burckley

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